The Great Atlantian Brewery Pilgrimage



I am in the process of attempting to assemble a list of the finest commercial breweries throughout the fair lands of Atlantia.  That way no matter how far one may travel for an event you will know where a refreshing pint or three can be obtained.  If you would like to suggest your favorite brewery, please send the name of the brewery, it’s web address, and the name of the Barony where it is located via the contact page.

Thank you for your assistance in this project.

In Service,

Brother Brian

Please Excuse the Mess

Welcome to Woodside Priory!

As you can probably tell, the site is still under construction, however we are working to add content and clean things up.  Please check back as we will be adding our brewing documentation, recipes, and hopefully in the not too distant future a series of videos on historical brewing.

We appreciate your patience.

In service,

Brother Brian